James O'Kon’s Civil Engineering education at The Georgia Institute of Technology and an advanced degree from New York University have given him an excellent background for his professional career which has been devoted to bringing high-tech science to engineering. He is a registered Professional Engineer in over 15 states .and has developed new computer techniques for engineering design and new methodologies for investigating distressed structures. This experience gave him the ability to “reverse engineer” complex distressed buildings and identify the cause of the distress. This experience has enhanced his ability to discover, dissect, analyze and reconstruct lost Maya technology. He is also a gifted artist who has the ability to sketch examples of Maya technology in the field and begin unraveling the mysteries of Maya technology while investigating the site. He led his multi-disciplinary firm of engineers and architects for thirty years, carrying out state-of-the-art engineering designs and resolving problems of distressed structures. His leadership of an award-winning engineering firm with extraordinary talents enabled him to think outside the box and solve issues for complex projects. He brought this special talent to the research and writing of his book.

Award Winning Projects


Award 2000 Op-Locka




Award 1999 NAS-Jax 



Award 1998 NAS-Jax



Award 1997 Travis 

Award 1997 Key Field




Award 1993 Key Field

Award 1992 OIA

Roosevelt Island Tramway - O'Kon