IMS Presentation Nov 14, 2012

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012 -

Institute of Maya Studies

Miami Science Museum

3280 South Miami Ave.

Miami, FL


since 1972, the Institute of Mays Studies has regularly hosted scholars in all areas of Maya research.



“The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology”
with Jim O’Kon

The technological advances of Maya engineers have been investigated by Jim O'Kon for forty years. His research has included a wide variety of technical developments of the Maya. He will review the unique technological/engineering achievements of the Maya engineers. These technological achievements include the fabrication of tools that are harder than iron; the invention of high strength durable materials of construction including the fabrication of hydraulic cement for producing cast-in-place concrete; the development of the Maya arch as a structural mechanism to create multi-story and clear span structures, elevated concrete paved roads; long-span bridges, and advanced water management methodologies that permitted the Maya urban civilization to survive in a seasonal desert environment.


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IMS Nov 14 OKon